2. Overview

2.1. Creation history

Frederic started thinking about this project when he was finishing his Ph.D. in Astrophysics as it started to be a little hard to organize himself and he really needed a good tool for managing his appointments and todo list. Unfortunately, he finished his Ph.D. before finishing calcurse but he continued working on it, hoping it would be helpful to other people.

In mid-2010, Lukas took over development of calcurse and is now the main contributor and reviewer of patches.

But why calcurse anyway? Well, it is simply the concatenation of *cal*endar and *curse*s, the name of the library used to build the user interface.

2.2. Important features

Calcurse is multi-platform and intended to be lightweight, fast and reliable. It is to be used inside a console or terminal, locally or on a distant machine within an ssh (or similar) connection.

Calcurse can be run in two different modes : interactive or non-interactive mode. The first mode allows oneself to view its own personal organizer almost everywhere, thanks to the text-based interface. The second mode permits to easily build reminders just by adding calcurse with appropriate command line arguments inside a cron tab or within a shell init script.

Moreover, calcurse was created with the end-user in mind, and tends to be as friendly as possible. This means a complete on-line help system, together with having all of the possible actions displayed at any time inside a status bar. The user interface is configurable, and one can choose between several color and layout combinations. Key bindings are also configurable, to fit everyone’s needs. Last, a configurable notification system reminds user of upcoming appointments. The reminders are sent even if the user’s interface is not running, as calcurse is able to run in background.